Whistleblowing Line

Operating in the Czech market since 1993, Sberbank CZ (Volksbank CZ by February 2013) has been known as a bank you can trust and a strong business partner you can work with. We are well aware of our good reputation – and do not want to jeopardise it. We, as well as other Sberbank Europe banks, have adopted precautionary measures in order to prevent fraud, criminal and unethical offences committed by persons related to our bank.

In connection therewith, we have set up a special communication channel – a whistleblowing line – for reporting of fraudulent or unethical practices encountered at Sberbank CZ by the bank employees or third parties (clients, business partners, etc.). Alleged fraudulent or unethical practices performed by the bank employees or persons related to the bank can be anonymously or non-anonymously reported here

The anonymity of persons reporting the alleged fraudulent or unethical practices is guaranteed – notices are accessed by authorised bank employees only.