FX Forward

Advantages for You

  • Pegging a future cash-flow in the company’s planning
  • A maturity of up to 24 months can be arranged
  • Conversion between all currencies on the foreign exchange price list

Detailed Information

An FX Forward, or, in other words, a term currency conversion, is an undertaking to buy or sell money in one currency for money in another currency at a term (forward) price valid at the time of the transaction, with a transfer to the accounts specified by the client, with a settlement date of more than 2 business days and a maximum maturity of 2 years. The forward price depends on the current exchange rates and on the difference between the interest rates in the relevant currencies.

Sberbank CZ enables its clients to enter a request to have exchange rate developments tracked and the client’s orders executed at the desired exchange rate level.


The company knows that it will collect EUR 100,000 in 6 months. Today, the forward rate for settling transactions in 6 months is 24.800 CZK/EUR. The company will enter into a transaction for the sale of EUR/CZK with a settlement in 6 months at the rate stated, and the client knows today that that is the exchange rate he will get.


  • Protection against adverse FX rate developments
  • The tracking of exchange rate developments and execution of client orders at the desired exchange rate level
  • The position can be closed at any time before maturity at the current rate using a counter-transaction
  • Can be arranged over the telephone

Notice about potential risks 

  • Does not allow the client to benefit from favourable FX market rate developments 
  • An amount blocked in the client’s account or a treasury limit set
  • The heightened client-protection provisions based on the European Parliament and the Council Directive 2014/65/EU "The Market in Financial Instruments Directive II" - MiFID II apply to this product.

Contact information

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Trading in FX and Interest-Rate Instruments

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