Foreign Payments

Advantages for You

  • Fast and reliable execution of foreign payments
  • Advantageous fees for EU payments, Ruble payments, and Sberbank payments
  • Low costs compared to other foreign payment system instruments

Detailed Information

Fast and reliable execution of foreign cashless payments in foreign currencies or Czech crowns. Primarily clean payments on the basis of foreign orders. Furthermore, we grant advantageous fees on payments between clients of Sberbank CZ and clients of other Sberbank Europe subsidiaries, advantageous payments in RUB, and advantageous EU payments.

Features of Foreign Payments:

  • Regular clean outbound and incoming foreign payments
  • Standing order for repeated payments

Special types of payments:

Sberbank payments

Advantageous EUR payments to selected banks in the Sberbank Group (for an exact list, see the applicable List of Tariffs)

Rubl payments

Advantageous outbound and incoming payments in rubles to/from any bank in Russia

SEPA Payments

What are SEPA payments?

With effect from 31 October 2016, Sberbank CZ provides comprehensive SEPA payment services in line with Regulation (EU) No. 260/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 March 2012.

With the comprehensive SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) payment services, Sberbank CZ clients can make SEPA payments in EUR in the Single Euro Payments Area (28 EU Member States + Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Monaco and San Marino) as quickly and securely as when making domestic payments.

How to make SEPA payments?

SEPA payments can be submitted either electronically or on paper form. As opposed to standard foreign payments, the process of submitting SEPA payments has been simplified and fastened as some mandatory information needs not to be provided (such as BIC that is newly generated by the bank automatically from the beneficiary’s IBAN number).

New optional fields have been introduced – “Remittance Information” and “Your Reference”.

Regular SEPA payments can be submitted on the SEPA standing credit transfer form.

Fundamental Rules and Principles

  • payment currency – EUR;
  • payment amount and account currency – unlimited;
  • payment processing time – one business day;
  • payment account identifier (remitter and beneficiary) – IBAN (ISO 13616);
  • payments remitted to the Single Euro Payment Area;
  • payments remitted from the Single Euro Payment Area;
  • payments processed as standard payments (and not as urgent payments);
  • financial services messaging standard – XML (ISO 20022);
  • no deductions of the amount transferred – banking fees (if any) shared by the remitter and beneficiary;
  • unified rules for R-transactions (“rejects”, “returns” or “recalls”).


Electronic account statements in XML format are available in IBS. See here for more information.

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