Non-Profit Sector Account

Advantages for You

  • Favourable interest rates
  • Efficient and convenient management of finance 
  • Account maintenance and payments adapted precisely to the needs of non-profit organisations 

Detailed Information

Complete information about the price of the Non-Profit Sector Account can be found in our List of Fees

An account that corresponds to the needs of non-profit organisations and meets the specific requirements of the segment.

Features of the Non-Profit Sector Account:

  • Non-Profit Sector Account is a set of products designed for legal entities established for a purpose other than engagement in business.
  • Designed for registered churches and religious societies, foundations and endowment funds, civic associations, including unions, interest associations of legal entities, political parties and political movements, charitable organisations, organisational units of the state, partially state-funded organisations, state funds, etc.

The Non-Profit Sector Account features:

  • A CZK current account with favourable stepped interest rates
  • A second current account - in a foreign currency or CZK
  • The possibility of a term deposit and the issuance and escrow of a deposit bill of exchange
  • An international company Maestro, EC/MC Standard, VISA Electron, or VISA Classic payment card
  • Electronic banking services, including installation
  • A line of credit based on the client’s creditworthiness
  • The possibility of balance inquiries by telephone
  • Statement of all current accounts

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