FX Option

Advantages for You

  • The client has the right, rather than the obligation, to use the contract
  • Participation only in positive FX rate developments

Detailed Information

An FX Option is the right (not the obligation) to exchange a currency for another as at a specific future date, or in an agreed time-period during the term of the option, at a pre-set rate (strike price) and volume. The option buyer pays an option premium to the seller for that right.

The basic types of options are

  • call - for currency purchases
  • put - for currency sales


A company that exports its products (revenues in EUR) and pays for raw materials in CZK, knows that it will collect EUR 1,000,000 in 3 months. It needs to know the exchange rate for calculating the price of its products, but cannot estimate where the exchange rate will be in 3 months. It is not 100% certain that the contract will indeed be performed and it does not want to assume an FX risk. The minimum FX rate accepted by the client is 24.600 CZK/EUR.

The solution is to enter into an FX Option transaction, purchasing a put option with foreign currency in 3 months and a strike price of 24.600. The client pays an option premium of EUR 12,000 to the bank for this contract .

It is evident that if the market rate on the option maturity date is 24.200 CZK/EUR (i.e., below the strike price level), the client will exercise the option and sell EUR 1,000,000 to the bank at the rate of 24.600 CZK/EUR.

But if the exchange rate on the option maturity date is e.g. 25.100 CZK/EUR (i.e., above the strike price level), the client will not exercise the option contract and sell the EUR 1,000,000 at the spot market exchange rate.


  • In the case of favourable exchange rate developments, the contract does not have to be exercised
  • Participation only in positive FX rate developments
  • Can be arranged over the telephone

Notice about potential risks

  • An immediate expense for the option buyer in the form of the option premium paid at the time the transaction is arranged
  • The heightened client-protection provisions based on the European Parliament and the Council Directive 2014/65/EU "The Market in Financial Instruments Directive II" - MiFID II apply to this product.

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