Documentary Business

Advantages for You

  • The business-related risks are eliminated
  • The obligations of both the supplier and buyer are secured
  • The company gains a competitive advantage in business and its credibility is strengthened

Detailed Information

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Our documentary business products include:

  • Documentary letters of credit (domestic, import, export)
  • Documentary collections (domestic, import, export)
  • Post-financing of export documentary letter of credit
  • Forfaiting

With the documentary letters of credit and documentary collections, you can reduce or eliminate the risks relating both to the domestic and international transactions. Contact us for more details and receive professional consultancy.

Documentary Letter of Credit (Documentary L/C)

  • Issuing a documentary L/C, the bank undertakes to disburse a certain amount to a supplier against documents specified in advance in the documentary letter of credit (for instance, proof of dispatch of goods / provision of services)
  • In general, the documentary L/C provides for an irrevocable commitment of an issuing / confirming bank
  • The documentary L/C is subject to unified international rules
  • The documentary L/C provides protection against the insolvency of a buyer
  • The documentary L/C can be issued as domestic, import or export documentary letters of credit
  • The documentary L/C can be used to confirm an export letter of credit (in addition to the commitment given by the issuing bank, the certainty of a supplier is increased also through the commitment of the supplier’s bank)
  • The confirmed L/C can be insured with EGAP

Documentary Collection

  • Using documentary collection, you can pay for the import or export of goods and/or services
  • The bank ensures that the outstanding payment is settled by (collected from) the buyer against required documents or draft acceptance
  • Unlike the documentary L/C or bank guarantee, the documentary collection is not related to buyer’s funds
  • The documentary collection can be provided as domestic, import and/or export documentary collection

Post-Financing of Documentary L/C

  • Post-financing of documentary L/C provides for an option to finance export documentary L/C – the supplier is disbursed the sum covered by the documentary L/C at sight; the buyer is granted a bank loan
  • The supplier’s competitiveness is boosted
  • Contact us to receive professional consultancy and learn about the required documents and financing terms and conditions


  • A form of factoring, forfaiting provides for an option to finance a buyer (involves selling a documentary l/c with deferred payment prior to the maturity day at the risk of the issuing bank)
  • The documentary L/C is required to be issued or confirmed by an acceptable counterparty
  • Contact us to receive professional consultancy and learn about the required documents and financing terms and conditions

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