Lending Scheme Fast Track

Advantages for You

  • Quick process of approval and loan contract preparation
  • Limit validity up to 10 years, for Real Estate financing up to 15 years
  • Responsive collateral conditions
  • Financing in CZK, EUR or USD
  • Beneficial loan fees compared to a loan provided via standard process

Detailed Information

Our advisors will be glad to inform you about the detailed price conditions

A lending scheme developed for small and medium-sized enterprises (annual turnover not exceeding CZK 1.2 billion)

Fast Track Lending Scheme Features

  • Lending limits: CZK 12.5 million (existing borrowers) / CZK 6 million (new borrowers) based on the amount of collateral available, annual sales, credit turnover and debt service
  • Group limits: CZK 25 million
  • Lending products available: overdraft facility, revolving credit facility, investment loan, bank guarantee, documentary letter of credit, derivative
  • Preliminary property valuations (property put up as collateral)
  • Refinancing of loans from other institutions
  • Joint agreements (operational finance) / separate agreements (investment loans)
  • Money drawn down from the facility as it is needed and paid directly to your current account  (investment loans)
  • High probability of financing success with satisfied verification criteria (credit history check, business duration, key financial ratios)

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