Export Financing

Advantages for You

  • You can get a solution to finance your export contracts
  • You can gain a competitive advantage in searching for new business partners and expanding the sales networks to the east
  • You can receive professional consultancy

Detailed Information

Contact our relationship managers and export financing specialists for more details

With a comprehensive portfolio of export financing products offered by Sberbank CZ, you can receive an optimum solution to finance your contracts performed abroad. Contact our specialists to receive professional consultancy and find an answer tailored to suits your needs.

Pre-Export Financing

  • With pre-export financing, you are given a solution to finance export production, i.e. to purchase (raw) material and pay for the supply of goods or services provided by subcontractors under a specific export contract
  • The subsequent export credit is secured by a future receivable assigned in the form of a documentary letter of credit / a claim insured by EGAP – a source to settle the pre-export loan

Supplier Credits

  • The bank finances a supplier credit provided by a Czech exporter to a foreign importer under an export contract
  • The outstanding amount is paid off by providing for the satisfaction of claims under a respective export contract that is insured in general by EGAP

Buyer Credits

  • Buyer credits provide for medium and long-term financing of export contracts in the form of a credit provided to a foreign importer or its bank
  • Approved by the debtor or its bank, the credit is drawn against supply documents submitted under a respective export contract – thus, the purchase price of contract is settled in favour of the exporter
  • The exporter is paid once the goods and/or services are supplied/rendered
  • Recommending to commence negotiations on financing at the very beginning of business relationships, the bank is ready to provide professional consultancy in respect of the payment terms and negotiations with EGAP regarding the credit insurance terms and conditions
  • Political and commercial risks of impaired loans are in general covered by EGAP insurance

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