Advantages for You

  • You are in touch with your bank 24 hours a day, directly via your computer
  • A simple and traditional tool for managing your company’s money
  • Multiple authorisations (approvals) of payment orders

Detailed Information

A high-quality, secure, and fast way to manage your company’s money. Homebanking is intended primarily for companies that enter many payment orders. At the same time, it can be linked to other programmes (e.g., accounting, financial, economic, or wage-accounting).

Features of Homebanking:

  • Ability to process a large number of payment orders efficiently, in an off-line mode
  • Possibility of using a network installation to enable the work of several users
  • Optional levels of authorisation for each user
  • Immediate overview of accounting balances and executed transactions
  • Ability to enter a payment / standing order, request a term deposit, enter a direct debit permit, etc.
  • Maximum security on data exchanges with the bank (encryption, special codes)
  • Each financial transaction confirmed with your unique signature certificate
  • The ability to set up your own registry of your trading partners’ bank accounts
  • Language options: Czech, English, and Russian
  • Installation and training are provided as standard