Mutual Funds

Advantages for You

  • Regular investments starting at CZK 500 per month
  • Broad portfolio diversification
  • Selection by reputable NN and Generali Investments administrators
  • For details of fees please refer to our List of Fees
  • Our advisors will be glad to inform you about the detailed price conditions

Detailed product information

Mutual funds are a collective investment instrument. To invest into mutual funds means to entrust your money to a professional manager instead of investing into individual instruments directly. Sberbank CZ offers unit trusts ranging from the most conservative funds with a low level of risk (money-market funds) to dynamic emerging market trusts with investments starting at CZK 30,000.

We now offer the option of Regular Investments. This is long-term investment of the same amount at regular intervals. Regular investment can serve to build future financial reserves and as a tool to reduce investment risk. As such, mutual funds can offer interesting and stable returns in the long run with a lower risk of fluctuation in the value of the investment. And there is no need to invest large amounts up front – you can start at just CZK 500 a month. See the NN Investment website for details.

Sberbank CZ has been operating in the market for several years as the distributor of the NN Investment Partners and Generali Investments CEE investiční společnost a. s. funds.

Sberbank CZ offers an extensive group of unit trusts of leading global managers with an option to make investments in CZK, EUR, USD and other foreign currencies.

Investment in mutual funds is subject to a higher level of client-protection under European Union Directive 2004/39/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on markets in financial instruments (MiFID II).

Mutual Funds


Detailed Information

NN Funds Detailed information about the current prices and performance of NN funds is provided in the table of funds at NN Investment Partners website
Generali Funds Detailed information on current prices and performance of Generali Funds is provided here.

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