Secure Internet Banking

If you believe that your login details have been misused, contact us via any of the form below.

Login Details

Never share your login details and passwords with anyone else. Store the paper documents you receive from the bank in a secure place. Never disclose or write down your login details.


Never use a password that can be easily guessed (consecutive numbers, personal number, name, date of birth, etc.). Change your password regularly and never save your password on any computer.


Always access internet banking on your PC through our website. Beware of accessing internet banking on shared PC or unprotected Wi-Fi (in a café, etc.). Update your OS and web browser on a regular basis. Install and regularly update anti-virus software.

Installations, Emails

Beware of installing any programs, games and files downloaded from untrustworthy sources as these are often infected with a SW virus. Sberbank CZ never requests to change login details by email. Pay attention to emails with attachments as these may be prone to viruses. Set up a personal firewall to protect your PC.

Token and Signing Certificate

Have your token at hand or store it in a secure place. Never store your signing certificate on your PC hard drive – store it on a USB drive instead. Renew the validity of your signing certificate at least annually. If you believe that your signing certificate has been copied, invalidated it instantly.


Set up SMS and/or email notifications and be instantly informed about any activities on and/or potential misuse of your account(s).

Secure Website

Make sure that the address is shown in the address bar. Check the website security certificate by clicking on the padlock displayed in the browser window or at the beginning of the address bar (depending on the type and version of your web browser).