Advantages for You

  • A higher yield than on standard products 
  • A lower level of risk compared to investments in stock
  • Regular payment on coupons
  • For details of fees please refer to our List of Fees
  • Our advisors will be glad to inform you about the detailed price conditions

Detailed Information

Bonds are securities whereby the debtor issuing the security undertakes to the bond holder to pay out the nominal value of the bond plus the related interest as at a set date. Unlike stock, this type of security guarantees a financial yield that is known up front and is therefore an investment involving a lower level of risk. A bond may have a fixed interest rate (fixed-rate bonds) or the interest rate can be continuously up-dated, depending on a certain value (e.g., inflation or Pribor) - in which case, the bond is variable.

The motivation for investing into bonds is the higher yield compared to the current, often very low interest rates on bank time deposits.

There are many different bonds, issuers, yields, and maturity periods on the market in various currencies. In today’s world, it is technically very easy to invest not only in Czech government bonds in Czech crowns, but also in Polish or Russian government bonds. Naturally, you can just as easily invest in bonds issued by various banks or corporations.

Sberbank CZ also offers investments in bonds that guarantee a financial yield that is known up front and which are therefore a less risky investment.

Information about client protection in investing.

The enhanced client-protection provisions based on European Union Directive No. 2004/39/EC “The Market in Financial Instruments Directive” - MiFID II apply to this product.

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