Household Insurance with Emergency Cover

Advantages for You

  • Available in three basic packages (Extra, Plus, Mini) and one tailor-made package (Individual)
  • Arranged directly by your relationship manager with no need to visit the insurer in person
  • Provided with personal liability insurance (optional)

Detailed Information

Insurance Holders

  • Household members living in any type of a building (permanent households).

Insured Property

  • movables (household equipment); household equipment and furnishing leased from the landlord; cash, valuables, securities, payment cards;
  • jewellery, gems, precious metals and stones;
  • audio-visual and IT devices, photographic devices;
  • antennas and satellites;
  • bicycles stored in residential premises, non-residential premises and common areas of a building;
  • other sports equipment;
  • kitchen and other home appliances;
  • textiles and decorations;
  • personal possessions of household members;
  • small pets (cats, dogs, guinea pigs, etc.);
  • motor vehicle parts and accessories (spare tyres);
  • ordinary food supplies;
  • books, plants, flowers, etc.;
  • prams, pushchairs and wheelchairs stored in residential premises, non-residential premises and common areas of a building;
  • employment-related things and items;
  • building appurtenances purchased at the expense of the insured.

Insured Perils

  • fire, lightning (direct strike), explosion, airplane crash; smoke, car crash, sonic boom;
  • discharge, leakage or overflow of water (water pipe leaks / sewage spills), cracked water pipes, aquarium spills (own aquarium);
  • windstorm, hail, weight of ice, snow or sleet, crash of trees, telegraph poles and other objects;
  • burglary and theft, related vandalism.

Optional Covers

  • shattered glass; flood damage;
  • landslide damage, rockslide damage, earthquake damage, avalanche damage;
  • damage caused by lightning (indirect strike), overvoltage, low voltage ‘brownouts’;
  • damage caused by atmospheric conditions;
  • damage caused by vandals;
  • damage caused by graffiti;
  • water loss (discharge, leakage or overflow of water / water pipe leaks).

Supplementary Insurance

  • enhanced emergency cover; personal liability insurance, incl. liability of a pet owner / caretaker and extended liability of the insured for household-related damages and personal injury (temporary households in the Czech Republic or Europe);
  • tick-borne encephalitis.

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