About Sberbank CZ

Sberbank Czech Republic, headquartered in Prague, is a fully-fledged, self-funded and profitable bank with a strong focus on retail, small and medium-sized and large corporate clients. In the Czech Republic, we operate 25 branches and have over 750 employees who are serving 120,000 clients. Sberbank Czech Republic is present in the Czech market since 1993 (operating as an independent joint stock company since January 1997 and under the Sberbank brand since February 2013).

We are part of a banking group Sberbank Europe. Sberbank is present in 8 markets, operates 188 branches and counts 4,000 employees. As a group, Sberbank is one of the largest and most dynamically evolving banking groups in the world, servicing over 102 million customers in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Our values

Our values are at the core of our attitude toward life and work; they are an internal compass that help us make decisions in complex situations.

All for the customer

All our activities are built around clients and are in their interests. We aim to surprise and delight clients with the quality of our services and attitude. We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations.

We are a team

We gladly help each other working to achieve a common goal. We help our colleagues grow and develop. We are open and trust our colleagues. Open and friendly atmosphere encourages everyone to contribute. We are proud on our bank, we enjoy our job and want to have fun at work.

I am a leader

We take responsibility for our actions and for what is happening around us. We treat all our clients fairly, whatever amount they wish to borrow. We are honest with each other and with our clients. We continuously develop and improve ourselves, the bank, and our environment.

Our products and services

For retail clients

We help our retail clients to fulfill their dreams and individual aspirations. We are offering a life-time partnership in our clients’ financial management, starting from current accounts and daily banking, personal loans, mortgages and investment products. Our prices are transparent and all our terms and conditions are clear, fair and unambiguous. We take pride in and insist on modern services. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.

For commercial clients

Sberbank Czech Republic aims to enhance long-term business partnerships between Russia and the Czech Republic. We provide our core portfolio of products and services complemented by FX, structured finance, export finance, cash management, liquidity management, short- and long-term financing, global markets, trade finance, real estate finance and project finance services designated for corporate clients.

Awards and Accolades:

  • Finparáda – Financial Product of 2018 (FAIR Savings PLUS, 3rd place)
  • Finparáda – Financial Product of 2017 (FAIR Savings PLUS, 3rd place)
  • GEEN.EU – GEEN Green Bank of 2016 (Carbon Footprint Reduction, 2nd place)
  • Finparáda – Financial Product of 2016 (FAIR Savings PLUS, 1st place)
  • Best Bank of 2016 (Most Client-Oriented Bank, 2nd place)


  • Finparáda – Lending Product of 2015 (FAIR Loan, 1st place )
  • Best Bank of 2015 (Most Client-Oriented Bank, 3rd place)
  • Finparáda – Financial Product of 2014 (Savings Account, 1st place)
  • Zlatý Měšec 2014 – Best Financial Institution (Best Banks and Credit Unions, 1st place)
  • Best Bank of 2014 (Most Client-Oriented Bank, 2nd place)
  • Best Bank of 2013 (Most Client- Oriented Bank, 1st place)
  • Fincentrum Bank of 2013 (Most Dynamic Bank, 3rd place)

We appreciate the awards and accolades we have received. They motivate us every day to prove to you – our clients – that they are well deserved.

Management Board

Management Board Committees

  • Assets and Liabilities Management Committee
  • Credit Committee
  • Non-Performing Loan Management Committee
  • Risk Committee
  • Operating Committee

Supervisory Board

  • Timur Kozintsev


  • Arndt Röchling


  • Sonja Sarközi


  • Dirk Hinze


  • Aleksei Mikhailov


  • Petr Podaný


  • Branko Sušić


  • Alexander Witte


Audit Committee

  • Arndt Röchling

    Chairman of Audit Commitee

    Date of birth: 20. 10. 1967
    2491 Hornstein, Seesiedlung Strasse VI, 16, Austria
    Member since: 1. 7. 2016
    Re-establishment of membership: 1.7.2020
    Chairman since: 4. 7. 2016

  • Dirk Hinze


    Date of birth: 11. 7. 1951
    29562 Suhlendorf, Rassau Nr. 2, Germany
    Member since: 30. 11. 2018

  • Béla Czigony


    Date of birth: 25. 9. 1977
    1060 Vienna, Hofmühlgasse 17. /TOP 19, Austria
    (permament address: 2700 Cegléd, Besnyő utca 3/b, Hungary)
    Member since: 1. 7. 2019

Sole Shareholder

Sberbank Europe AG
Schwarzenbergplatz 3, 1010 Vienna, Republic of Austria
Registration number: FN 161285i

Articles of Association

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