Sberbank Business Accelerator is a program for startups operating in fintech that want to revolutionize the bank industry. We are looking for the best startups working on digital innovations applicable in banking, such as:

  • Artificial Inteligence

    incl. Machine Learning

  • Blockchain

  • Cross Border


  • Open Banking

    API, PaaS, BaaS, FaaS

  • Payroll Fintech

  • Buy Now Pay Later

  • Digitalization of banking

    e.g. RegTech

What do you get with us?

We believe that technology has the power to make the world a better place.

  • Access to banking industry and Sberbank CZ market
    If you don't serve bank clients, you can get one here. If you do but you don't have access to Sberbank markets in CZ and other regions, you can get it here.
  • World-class business mentors
    You will get access to an extensive international mentorpool of world-class business mentors from Sberbank CZ, DEX Innovation Centre and VISA.
  • Personalized programme preparing you for pilot implementation
    You will get individual business tracker, on-demand mentoring sessions fitting your needs and personalized approach to help prepare your team for pilot implementation in Sberbank CZ.
  • PR promotion and other benefits
    Boost your brand awareness through targeted PR and communication activities of the programme and all its partners. And get further benefits.


How does it work?

May - August 2022 | Acceleration Programme
Application period for startups runs in several cut-off stages until the capacity limit of the programme is reached. The earlier you apply, the better chance to get accepted. Your basic application will be screened and you might be invited to an advanced stage including further information request and virtual interview before being accepted to the programme.
August 2022 | Internal demoday
Accelerator programme runs virtually for 3 months during May-August 2022. Your team will get a tracker who will lead you through the whole programme through several sprints. The main goal of the programme is to prepare your team for a possible pilot implementation in Sberbank, touching the technology application, product, business, market, and other topics. You will get expert topical sessions and on demand mentoring sessions from an aggregated mentorpool of all partners along the way of the whole programme.
September - November 2022 | Piloting with the bank
For selected startups, pilot implementation with Sberbank CZ will run during September-November 2022 based on an agreed project plan. This might also include necessary travel to the site.
December 2022 | Public demoday
Implemented pilots and best teams from the programme will be presented at a final public DEMODAY in December 2022.

Why with us?

We want to invest in you and grow your potential.

  • No equity or fee for participation
  • Sberbank is an established player on the European market.
    It's an award winner the Strongest Banking Brand in the World 2021 and Winner of Worlds’s Best Digital Bank Awards 2020.
  • DEX Innovation Centre is the fastest growing Czech innovation hub
    Founded to improve our society through digital innovation, research and technology. We have extensive experience with organising accelerators.
  • VISA is the world's second-largest card payment organization
    (debit and credit cards combined) and it is one of the world's most valuable companies.


Contact DEX

Michal Štefan

Sberbank Business Accelerator Programme Manager

Contact Sberbank CZ

Portrait Martin Breyl

Martin Breyl

Head of product development at Sberbank CZ