Financial Institutions

Sberbank CZ provides a wide range of services (account maintenance and administration, payments, return on deposits, interest-rate and foreign-exchange operations, custody services, etc.) to banks and their subsidiaries, insurance companies, health insurance companies, leasing companies, mutual funds, self-governing investment funds, pension funds, non-banking providers of financial services and other financial institution clients. Our specialists are ready to offer optimal and customised solutions to meet individual financial needs.

Transaction Banking

We offer a possibility of maintaining current accounts in all currencies listed in Sberbank CZ FX Rate List and ensuring account operations via Direct Banking channels. 


  • Account maintenance in a currency listed in Sberbank CZ FX Rate List
  • Payments 
  • Direct Banking (Sberbank Online Banking, Homebanking, Multicash)

Global Markets Product and Services

Money Market

We offer return on deposits through money market instruments: 

  • Deposits
  • Treasury Bills
  • Repo/reverse repo operations

Foreign Exchange Market

Sberbank CZ offers wide range of instruments and strategies for hedging foreign exchange risks:

  • FX spots (special FX rates) in all currencies listed in FX Rate List
  • FX forwards and FX swaps
  • FX options (Plain Vanilla Options, Barrier Options)
  • FX option structures (FX Collar a FX Forward Extra)

Hedging of Interest Rate Risks

Sberbank CZ offers the following instruments for managing loan risks: 

  • Forward Rate Agreement
  • Interest Rate Swap
  • Step-up IRS
  • Loan Options

Investment Services

Sberbank CZ specialists are ready to provide professional investment services:

  • Investment advisory
  • Adopting an processing orders for investment instruments, particularly:   
    • Bonds: emissions of own mortgage bonds
    • Investment certificates
    • Stocks and publicly traded funds (ETF)
    • Mutual funds
  • Investment instrument management
  • Proprietary account maintenance

Custody Services

We offer optimal and customised solutions to meet individual financial needs of our clients.

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