Extraordinary statement

Following the declaration of the national state of emergency by the Czech government, Sberbank is ready to help all its clients. The operation of the branch network remains uninterrupted including shopping centers in Prague and Brno, and the frequency of ATM subsidies has been increased.

We will obligingly help our clients affected by the economic consequences of the epidemic. Where possible, we will offer a temporary reduction of loan installments for mortgages, consumer loans or small businesses loans, after an individual assessment of each case.

We kindly ask all clients to submit not only the application, but also the documents from which it will be clear that their financial distress is caused by the economic consequences of the epidemic. Please note that all concessions related to the installments are due from April 1, 2020 on.

Due to overload of our contact line, we ask our clients to send their requests (in Czech) electronically by email to ecl@sberbankcz.cz

More information

  • Change of repayment schedule is realized only if the client is in financial distress or demonstrably approaching it
  • Cannot be realized if there is a currently due amount
  • Payment reduction can be realized for installments due from April 1, 2020 onwards - it is not possible to apply an installment reduction for amounts due in March 2020 already.
  • Installment reduction application is FREE of charge

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